Fuel Tank

Originally the tank was new and clean, over the years that all this changed. If you were tired of cleaning carburetors or think you need a new tank because yours is to rusty or leaks. I have the solution. We clean tanks and preserve the metal even permanently stop leaks. High-grade Epoxy coating we use is second to none, I can even remove most kreme and redkote liners. Fast turn around time, it’s the easiest thing you’ll do all week

On a motorcycle, your fuel tank is the heart and soul your machine

What do you do when it’s rusty, when it leaks?

Radiator shop over-the-counter stuff?

You know it doesn’t work, with you try anyways and guess what? It doesn’t work.

I offer an alternative service for the inside of your tank, I remove all rust clean them out and coat them with epoxy tank liner that’s clear and works, I guarantee it with Gasoline and even methanol.

I even repair failed Kreme and Redkote liners .

I save thanks vintage tanks that leak, rusty tanks that nobody would ever think of using again.

I turn them around quickly within three days.

Many of the leading motorcycle dealers use me on a regular basis when they’re tired of cleaning carburetors.