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The best place in the Tampa Bay Area to get your bike , motorcycle, trike or scooter painted is right here at Craig Paints Bikes. Craig Paints Bikes has been exclusive to local motorcycle builders and motorcycle repair shops, now I’m offering my signature painting services to the public. I have been painting, repairing tanks, welding plastic parts and fiberglass parts on motorcycles and bikes for over 5 years. Every thing from custom foundational painting which includes painting stripes, reproduction decals for vintage motorcycles, and street bikes. I am accomplished in reproducing colors and candys on vintage Japanese motorcycles like Honda Sunflake Orange Candy used on CB 500’s ,CB 550’s and CB 750’s. Kawasaki Super Candy Red, Super Candy Blue, Rich Candy Gold and the obscure Halibut Blue Candy used in the 70’s on these coveted vintage motorcycles. Even Yamaha’s RD colors like Brandy Red have been reformulated with great success. We’ve seen Harleys with scratched or dented tanks, fenders, covers (metal & plastic) parts the same in all kinds of conditions and applications. We turn parts out fast and pay close attention to details, like: dented tanks are hand blocked to perfection for accuracy, scratched and dented fenders are treated similarly and handed out in perfect condition, cracked plastic parts are welded for strength and endurance because welding plastic is still the best way to refurbish and repair plastics reliably. There are several motorcycle shops in the Tampa Bay Area from Gibsonton to Lutz that have at one time or another relied upon Craig Paints Bikes signature service from time to time to produce perfectly repaired parts for their customer’s bikes, trikes and motorcycles. Damaged tanks and fenders and crash parts can usually be turned out quickly to satisfy customer’s need to get back on the road.

Some of Craig Paints Bikes efforts have been featured on Discovery Channel’s Velocity Channel show “Cafe’ Racer” had featured my paint work in 3 different episodes. Santiago Chopper exclusively relies on my painting service in Tampa for all of their custom Trikes, Choppers, Sport Bikes, Customs, Cafe’ Racers and Motorcycles of all types and design for 2 years consistently. Stunning results, on-time project completion, durable coatings on frames and parts, like double fuel tanks, custom oil tanks, Bobber type fenders even fiberglass fenders and parts are what keep us in great standing with such a renown and prestigious builders like Santiago Chopper in Tampa. We have also in conjunction with Santiago Chopper Specialties in Tampa produced a 2011 Norley Motorcycle for auction to benefit Curing Kid’s Cancer charity in 2011 that net $ 50,000 for the charity last year. This year, the same effort of Craig Paints Bikes and Santiago Chopper Specialties in Tampa produced a 2012 custom Trike of the most uncompromising quality that it recently auctioned in Meccum auction this year for $ 150, 000 dollars for the same charity. Both of these events were well documented in the episodes of Velocity Channel’s show Cafe’ Racer. Other televised Custom Cafe’ Racer builders have used Craig Paints Bikes in Tampa. Westcoast Cycle in Tampa has relied on Craig Paints Bikes in Tampa for over 3 years to meet their needs and more importantly their customer’s needs to get their bikes , trikes and motorcycles back on the road and looking great. Nicely polished parts are a must, most importantly the tanks must be perfect because they are the focal point on any motorcycle.

Expert color matching, color blending and vintage color reproduction available here. We employ a state of the art camera paint matching system using PPG color paints and candies. PPG offers us a very large array of impressive motorcycle color matching and color blending options that are very accurate. Also we do a very realistic Chrome Effect painting on plastic and fiberglass reproduction parts, even Black Chrome is available as well as several options of color Candy on Chrome effects can be reliably painted on these parts. Some scratches can be easily polished out of tanks and fenders, those that can’t must be blended and the colors matched for seamless repairs.

Many have trusted in Craig Paints Bikes for custom graphics and decals. We master the art of custom graphics and decals utilizing cutting edge technology. Whether you purchase available reproduction graphic decals or have Craig Paints Bikes produce any type of vinyl or plastic graphic decals for vintage Japanese motorcycles or even Harley Davidson motorcycles and custom trikes and bobbers and choppers. Great custom graphics and planned with you the customer inputting ideas and we here at Craig Paints Bikes put these ideas into motion. Damaged frame decals can be reproduced for vintage cycles like Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Ducatti, even Triumph and Harley’s are no problem to obtain, execute and reproduce graphics to complete these vintage motorcycle projects. We use the computer to demonstrate graphic concepts in real time, showing what the desired result would look like on your bike, trike or motorcycle before graphic decals are produced and applied. We here at Craig Paints Bikes will digitally airbrush custom graphics for the best show bikes or your bike. Logos, Photos, Concepts even .Jpegs can be vectorized for perfect clarity as we did in the Miami Dolphins themed Suzuki motorcycle we did in 2010 or the recent Cafe’ Racer themed Gulf bike we did this year for Santiago Chopper Specialties in Tampa this year. Several interesting materials like gold leaf and silver embossing, dozens of high quality color vinyl incorporated in our fuel tank schemes.

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